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A Closer Look at Different Kinds of Retirement Plans

Foundational Principles for All Retirement Systems

When thinking about different retirement plans, remember that whatever is provided to employees should be meeting a clear set of objectives. The government providing the retirement plan, along with the employee groups they are working with, should collaboratively establish some clear goals for offering the retirement benefits in the first place. The design concept that is chosen should be the one that best meets those goals.

Here is an example set of objectives that could be used as a set of guideposts that we think are the most important for designing a retirement system —

  • Sustainability: Retirement systems should be designed to be resilient, affordable, and capable of successfully providing retirement security to their participants.
  • Income Security: Retirement systems should offer a path to a safe and secure retirement for all.
  • Accountability: Retirement systems and their trustees should be accountable to their participants, elected officials, and taxpayers.